Bringing Yoga to the world, one game at a time.

Our Products

Our first product, The Yoga Labyrinth, is currently scheduled for release in summer/ fall 2015.  More than a game, and more than a typical yoga app, The Yoga Labyrinth will be suitable for beginners, experienced practitioners, and people with no yoga background or knowledge at all.  We're enjoying creating it, and we're quite sure you'll enjoy exploring it.

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Our Concept

People learn in different ways, at different speeds, and for different reasons.  So often how well or how easily you learn something depends as much on the subject matter as on your own method-bias.  By making apps that are entertaining as well as informative, we're trying to level that playing field and make retention seem effortless. 

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Our Company

Founded by a long-time practitioner and yoga instructor, and a long-time programmer, we bring our combined decades of experience to one simple purpose: the harmonious marriage of yoga and technology.  

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